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Seven Winds Regatta

The International Seven Winds Sailing Regatta marked its official Lake Baikal sendoff on July 30, 2008.  Featuring cruiser yachts, the event was organized by the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal with the help of the Irkutsk Region Yachting Federation and the Cruiser Varyag Charitable Foundationin support of the Russian Navy (Moscow).  The race included skippers from Britain, Germany, France, Japan and Russia.  The 17 crews staged their Lake Baikal race according to international yacht racing rules.  The regatta was split among three classes: single-masted yachts that stand shorter than 10 meters; single-masted yachts that are longer than 10 meters; and two-masted yachts.
The first stage of the race started in the village of Listvyanka and finished by Olkhon Island.  After passing 154 miles along Lake Baikal, the yachts turned around near a little spot called Tankhoi and charted their course toward the southern tip of Olkhon Island.
The second stage of the race began on the morning of August 2.  Race participants faced a 52-mile voyage between Zagli Bay, Cape Khoboi (the northern tip of Olkhon Island) and Turka Port.  Seven crews had abandoned the race by that stage: their yachts were damaged in a storm that tore apart some of their sails.
On the night of August 2-3, propelled by a favorable wind, the yachts arrived at Turka Port several hours ahead of schedule.  The referee boat met the contestants in a fog, with the yachts only managing to navigate their way to port with the help of shoreline bonfires.

The International Seven Winds Sailing Regatta victory ceremony was held on August 3 within the frameworks of Baikal Day celebrations, which were held in the Pribaikal District of Gremyachinsk.
Head of METROPOL Group of Companies, Chairman of the Guardianship Board of the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal, and President of the Cruiser Varyag Charitable Foundation in support of the Russian Navy M. V. Slipenchuk awarded the regatta winner a cash prize of one million rubles – an unprecedented sum for Lake Baikal regattas.